Women’s Circles

All over the world, at different latitudes, women and men of different races, cultures, and religions have regarded the circle and the circle as sacred. It is a symbol of change and evolution. It is associated with perfection, unity and fullness. The space of the circle was often considered a place that governs its own laws or a place where new laws are made. It is no coincidence that in the countries of the former Eastern bloc, the Round Table Talks constituted a key element of a smooth transition to democracy. Arranging chairs in a circle, and not in rows, often initiates profound changes in the structures of companies and institutions. Sitting in a circle at an equal distance from the center, meeting participants see each other. The circle does not create a hierarchy. Each member of the circle contributes equally to its formation, they are all equally important and equally deserving of attention and the right to speak.

How women’s circles work 

Circles are a unique form of development for women in business that helps them develop potential that is not fully utilized by male-led organizations. Throughout the circle, we support each other in overcoming internal and external barriers and maintaining positive changes. By discovering common ground and challenges, we increase our self-confidence and influence in the organization. By participating in the circle, we are seekers of truth about ourselves, we listen to ourselves much deeper than we do every day. The circle is the place from which we draw energy. It is also a school of listening, intuition, empathy and relationships. We begin to feel how the circle gives us strength and allows us to open up to new ways of functioning.

The duration of one circle is usually 12 months. The circle meetings are held regularly once a month and last 3 hours. The number of participants is 8-20 people. After the initial two meetings, when the group is formed, the circle becomes a closed circle (i.e. no new people can join it).

The areas on which the participants of the circles work include

  • Managing your energy
  • Building inner strength and self-confidence
  • Building a relationship
  • Strengthening internal motivation
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Creating a vision of your professional development
  • Increasing self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Helping others grow
  • Giving and receiving feedback as a tool of transformation.