Powerful Remote Team

Is keeping your remote team engaged, united and effective among your priorities today? Learn from the wolves. They are experts at it. When a group of wolves is dispersed, often a few kilometers from each other, they create a common “music” by simultaneously issuing a prolonged howl, which is a social bond for them. It plays a similar role as people singing together by the fire. Wolves can also communicate perfectly over long distances, passing on important information, e.g. about the location of other wolves, the size of the herd or about a danger. Wolves know that their survival is possible only if they set out on the road united and constantly exchange information among themselves.

Teams working remotely can learn a lot from them about how to maintain effective communication and team cohesion despite their dispersion. Also about the importance of a clear division of roles, clear leadership or quick reaction to the changing environment.

All these qualities of an effective remote team are addressed in our online training “The Strength of a Remote Team” – a one-day workshop conducted online.

What distinguishes the “Strength of a remote team” workshop:

  • It’s practical – 80% of the time is filled with exercises reflecting the real-life situations that participants encounter on a daily basis
  • Content adapted to the specifics of the organization based on individual interviews with participants before the workshop on their challenges related to remote work
  • Basic principles of managing remote teams in a nutshell
  • Taking care of participants’ high energy and well-being through movement exercises and “energizers”
  • Trainers with many years of experience in team management.

Thanks to the workshop, managers will develop the skills how to:

  • Organize and plan the work of a remote team
  • Motivate and provide support at a distance
  • Conduct remote meetings in an engaging way
  • Eliminate barriers to distance communication
  • Optimize the workflow and communication in the team
  • Delegate and monitor tasks remotely.

 Who is this workshop for?

  • Those who manage teams working fully or partially remotely
  • Leaders of teams which are currently working together but want to prepare in case they need to work remotely
  • Managers and HR specialists who support leaders of remote teams.