We believe in the creative potential of leadership,
that brings people together in a common goal.

For 17 years, we have been helping organizations achieve their goals by developing their leaders and management teams. We conduct workshops, trainings, seminars and coaching both in Poland and in other European countries. We work in Polish and English. We offer training in both open and closed form (tailored to the needs of a specific organization and created based on its expectations). Since 2020, we have expanded our portfolio with interactive online trainings, carried out live, with a trainer, on the zoom platform.


You are a manager, a leader, you manage a team…

For many, it is a dream job, one of the most prestigious and highest-paid professions in the modern labor market. It is also often full responsibility for the decisions made and non-standard working time, which is lacking literally for everything – and thus also for developing elementary soft skills in management, respect in subordinates or cooperation based on trust. It’s loneliness and pressure, facing expectations every day – team members, client, director, supervisory board, shareholders… and with their own ambitions.

Success as a manager is crucial for the person concerned, for the team he manages and for the success of the entire organization.

Nowadays, the key to this success is very difficult to define. Traditional management methods are not enough to cope with the magnitude and speed of change that is taking place in the world. Leaders have to deal with the challenges of the modern VUCA* world – its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
Unpredictability and chaos breed mistrust, which can lead to the breakdown of organizational culture and a decrease in employee engagement. Each of us today must find ourselves anew in an environment radically different from the one to which we were accustomed so far.
At Corporate Coach U Polska we observe, listen and together with you and your organization we try to understand what is happening. Solving most problematic situations begins with an honest conversation about what the problem is and a joint search for an antidote. The next step is to define what the goal is. Then maybe the problems do not solve themselves, but we have a real impact on their solution.

* VUCA is an acronym first used in 1987 to refer to the leadership theory of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of general terms and conditions. Over the past few years, the concept of VUCA has become a way to describe the rapidly changing, chaotic and unpredictable environment in which we live and work.

Our customers are people like you.
Members of management boards and senior and middle managers m.in of such companies as:



Corporate Coach U Poland trainings are a transformative experience for participants involving the mind, heart and body.
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Coaching Clinic Fundamentals
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Coaching Clinic Advanced
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