A vision of the world as one big family which is full of differences and love.

“Everything creative in human existence, creative by its nature
and irreversible nature, has its source in human diversity.
And it is not human diversity that turns into fratricidal massacres, but disagreement with it and the intention to put it on its own at all costs.

The prerequisite for peace, solidarity
and benevolent cooperation between people is agreement
to the multiplicity of ways of being human
and readiness to accept the model of coexistence that this multiplicity requires.”

– Zygmunt Bauman

The founder and president of the Porta Foundation is Lidka Nwolisa. Corporate Coach U Poland supports the mission of the foundation, and thus all those who struggle with exclusion and discrimination due to their otherness, unmet needs, pathology, racism, intolerance, ignorance or social ostracism.

We believe in a vision of the world as one big family that
is full of differences and love.

Diversity is a sign of true development.
Regardless of what makes us different – background, skin color, gender, religion, beliefs – we have a duty to show respect, support and learn from each other.

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